Reservation Terms an Conditions

Valair Inc reserve the right to change, limit, modify or cancel Program Terms and, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, rewards and rewards levels in whole or part at any time, even though changes may affect the value of points or rewards accumulated. You will be bound by any such changes.

Maximum Fees

Valair Inc reservations regardless of phone, email, APP, or automatic web reservations have a standard rate that is applicable. By agreeing to our reservation terms and conditions along with our general terms and conditions Valair Inc is based on an hour to hour parking rate. Our daily rate is maximum $25.00 and hourly is $10.00. Based on the reservation details provided the estimate total will automatically calculate each reservation. If there is a promotion applied to the reservation, we will automatically deduct the value which is equal to days to each reservation.

Promotions and Coupons

Only 1 promotion can be applied to 1 reservation/vehicle. Please note Valair Inc does not refund any hours/days not used on a reservation, it is simply used for to cover the duration of each reservation. If the initial reservation exceeds the value equal to days calculated by hours Valair Inc holds the right to automatically charge the outstanding amount based on our current standard rates, shown on our website.


Cancellations must be sent via-email for full refund to be credited on the next trip with Valair. 

Refunds and Disputes

For any reason Valair’s agent is not dropped back to the parking on the return or the customer refuses to use Valair’s agent to drive him or her to the airport there will be a 25.00 surcharge. For any reason Valair Cannot provide service due to Valair’s negligence a Valet fee of 25.00 will only be refunded this dose not include the days of vehicle parked on Valair’s property. This also dose not include any extraneous situation where a delays of unfortunate events leads for Valair not to operate under normal operations where refund will not be offered ie.Flight delays or early return, and weather situations.

Company Liabilities

Valair representatives are comprehensively insured to drive and operate customer vehicles. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is in accordance with all other driving regulations. Moveable items left in customer’s cars are done so entirely at their own risk and the company accepts no liability for such items. The company accepts no liability for damages unless it fulfills the following criteria:

1) The customer must notify the valet driver that returns their vehicle of the damage before they exit the car park.

2) Photographic evidence of vehicle condition at drop off must be provided.

3) Email outlining damage and including photographic evidence must be sent to info@valair.io at which point a member of our customer service team will contact you about your claim. The company accepts no liability for electrical, mechanical and structural malfunctions of your vehicle while its parked with us.

The company accepts no liability for loss of moveable items unless proved to have been caused by the negligence of our representatives.

The company accepts no liability for damage to keys or faulty key fobs. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure we are given a fully functioning key and the event vehicles not starting, the company reserves the right to charge for our time. During busy periods and/or for extended bookings, the company reserves the right to park customer vehicles at one of our secondary parking lots.

6.  Exclusions and Limits of the Company’s responsibility:

The internal condition of the vehicle is not inspected and therefore the company accepts no liability for any damages. The company accepts no liability for any scratches, dents and paintwork discoloration. The company accepts no liability where the customer has a roof-rack fitted and does not meet the car park height restrictions. No refunds will be authorized unless it is evident the customer has made a written request to alter the vehicle collection location. The company will not be liable for missed flights, charges incurred and loss of work as a direct or indirect consequence of our service. Valair inc reserves the rights to move the customers vehicles to an offsite parking or a vehicle washing facility due to the conditions of the gravel parking lot or the request of customer wash care services.

The company will endeavor to conduct all vehicle drop offs and collections within a 45 minute time frame depending on exogenous factors such as traffic conditions and weather.